Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What does your soul look like?

This is not a reference to the (excellent) track by that title on DJ Shadow's Preemptive Strike album. I really mean: what does your soul look like? (Better, since I don't think we really have souls: what would your soul look like if you had one?) While reading up on the recent spat between the Catholic Church in England and Wales and the government's insistence on introducing equality legislation which would also apply to adoption agencies (for the latest see here), I clicked on a link to the Life4seekers site. It has a 'downloads' section which includes children's drawings of god and of souls. Have a look. My favourite is this one (click on it for a larger view):

I especially like the fact that this child's soul seems to contain a PlayStation 2 and a football as well as things like a family (I suppose) and a cross. It's also not entirely anthropomorphic; perhaps this is to convey the idea that it isn't really physical.

Anyway, despite the whole idea of trying to draw your soul being a bit odd, I think this is not a bad shot at it.

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