Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Philosophy blogs

Can there be a good philosophy blog? I'm not sure whether this is a philosophy blog, but it might grow up to be one some day. Just in case, here are some interesting thoughts about philosophers and blogging from The Philosophers' Magazine. It gives an honourable mention, you'll notice, to Michael Pakaluk's Dissoi Blogoi.

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Choppa said...

Doesn't Aristotle in fact make the freer discussion of basics the foundation of philosophy - the dialectical reasoning that thrashes out the axioms that more technical analytical logic then develop?

The most attractive point in Ophelia Benson's piece for me is that informal discussions (lunch and coffee talk, evening bull sessions, diaries, phoning, emails and blogs) now do what the peer-reviewed journals were supposed to do. In HE Baber's words: "Blogs are the new Republic of Letters, the international intellectual establishment as it should be. They’re what scholarly journals were supposed to be but aren’t."

The Net makes available to us a virtual worldwide Peripatetic Garden Academy in near real-time. We're gradually absorbing this. And clutter and distractions and jealousies and brawls have always been part of free discussion and any real development in society. I'm always surprised at how much good stuff there is and how easily in most cases the fluff can be winnowed away.

For me Kenodoxia is stimulating. I don't care if it's a good philosophy blog in any formal sense, but I'm interested in the questions posed and the issues raised by them, and the way both are tackled.