Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Free stuff

Even better than cheap reprinted books are free books. Google Books, for example, will allow you to download Diels' Doxographi Graeci in PDF form for free... There are lots of other goodies there too, including the 1903 edition of Diels' Fragmente der Vorsokratiker... Well, you can get these if you are in the US. Those of us in the UK can't. If you hide your IP address you can get to the page only by getting there via a proxy site, and even then the PDF won't download properly. Shucks.


Alun said...

Thanks for the tip. While Diels seems to be inaccessible from the UK, I did, with the proxy, manage to download Heinrich Nissen's Das Templum scanned from Oxford University.

It is a little ironic that people at Oxford University wouldn't have the access to the book that people in the USA have.

Harry said...

There is one more site, with free access from Europe, where you can find several interesting things:

A got Bonitz' Aristotelis Opera from there (including Index Aristotelicus)!