Friday, May 09, 2008

Eyes update...

I bet you've all been really concerned about this, but thanks to some good advice from my fellow myopics I went to Boots Opticians and this is what my new specs will look like when I get them in the next couple of weeks. I ordered a pair of sunglasses in the same frames too. They didn't cost £700 but they still cost a lot. Damn. There goes my plan to buy a Wii so I can play the new 'Star Wars: the force unleashed' using the Wii remote as a lightsaber.


ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

really good blog (^_^)

George Charles Allen said...

A few months back I was going through the same considerations. . . only I did this over in the states. My own significant vanity made me go for some black Versace frames ( But the whole ordeal after prescription lenses--and my own considerable astigmatism and myopia--ran a bill of ~$440 (£220) plus $60 for the check-up. I can't imagine having spent £700 ($1400).

I might have no reason to complain in comparison, but it's still too big a chunk of change for a piece of plastic (lenses I can sort of understand; frames are another story) and it's hard to make that money back as a grad student. I'm moving to Edinburgh in a few months, so I'm glad I decided to take care of my eyes now so I'll be set for the next two or three years.

Why don't Universities have very specific and generous eye care plans for academics? Considering, as you said, we read for a living.

Anyway, that's too bad you can't get the Wii now!

Trisia said...

At least the new glasses look really nice, if I may say so.

Makes me want to go change mine... (thank goodness it's not glasses or the Wii)