Sunday, November 23, 2008


It snowed just a little this morning. Quite nice to look at if not to be in. So I began to think about Christmas (groan) but decided the thing to do is to work out if there are any really bearable Christmas songs. I've not got very far because most of them are awful. But besides the obvious Pogues Fairytale of New York I could manage Saint Etienne's I was born on Christmas Day (watch that here... ahh, Sarah Cracknell...) and Galaxie 500's version of Yoko Ono's Listen the snow is falling (mp3 here -- download it and let it wash over you). Incidentally, a big shot out to Bill Tieman who bought me The Portable Galaxie 500 some time ago. I'd missed them first time round but they are terrific. Any other contenders?

And here's some more Galaxie 500 while I'm at it.


Anathema said...

Well, I'd also add the 1999 Christmas album by Low (though hardly upbeat in an obvious way, given their general, classy and indulgent misery). Their new Christmas single is downright menacing. See -

The other classic is the 1963 A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector - though given that he is on trial for murder, and it turns out the hair is a wig, probably also a bit less joyous than it could be.

But I agree - nothing beats the Pogues and Kirsty -

RJR said...

The Knife, Christmas Reindeer. They gave it away a few Christmases ago but now most of the links seem to be dead. This one plays it though, and I think this one lets you download it.

Juliet said...

There are so many others - I'd agree with Low, in particular. I'll stick a playlist on shared itunes tomorrow.