Monday, December 01, 2008

Chasing the tortoise

Today I received news of this year's 'Eleatica' conference, to be held 15-18 Jan. in Ascea. The main lectures are being given by Jonathan Barnes (on Zeno) and more details can be found here. The accompanying letter also announced the inauguration of a ZENO prize 'devoted to the portrayal unsing computer graphics of Zeno pursuing the tortoise'. So if you have any talents in that direction, off you go. Of course, in order to write all the code for the programme, you need first to write half the code. And before you write half the code, you need first to finish writing a quarter... I can see it might not be easy to give this prize away.

Here's an animated attempt:

The other announcement is that the honorary citizenship of Elea will be awarded to a distinguished scholar. Can you think of any suitable modern Eleatics?

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