Monday, January 19, 2009

TV like it used to be

I don't think telly is dumber than it used to be. There's a lot more telly out there, so there is a lot more dumb telly too. But I'm not sure nowadays anyone would make a programme like Bryan Magee's The Great Philosophers. They don't need to, perhaps, because you can still watch it via the glory of YouTube. The episodes are chopped into 10 minute bites, but that is perhaps a good thing too.

Here are Magee and Burnyeat on a beige sofa talking about Plato. (This is the first bit. You have to click around afterwards for part II) :

And here are Magee and Nussbaum talking about Aristotle:

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Torquatus said...

Gotta love Magee (w/ Nussbaum): "If he [Aristotle] always starts from our experiences -- our perceptions ... doesn't that mean that his whole philosophy is confined to the surface of the world of experience?" He then contrasts w/ Plato, but I know that the idealism Magee wants to argue from is the transcendental idealism of Kant+Schopenhauer.