Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lack of thought for the day

I was unfortunate enough to be mid-shower when 'Thought' for the Day began on the radio this morning so had to endure when I can usually turn it off or run away. The BBC really ought to get rid of this but no doubt will not, even though the controller of Radio 4 thinks it is a 'genuinely difficult question'. Still, I have discovered a good antidote: Platitude of the day which summarises the morning's guff into a paragraph of bland but much funnier waffle. Thank you, Peter Hearty. (There's a similar site here. I love the interweb.)


Justin said...

Yes, I agree. This is one of the reasons I gave up Radio 4 for Radio 5/World Service/Radio 7 some years ago. It consists of either platitudes (often by various religious professionals who hang around Cambridge) or pure propaganda for some religion or another (often including ludicrously selective quotes or anecdotes). Unfortunately humanists are just a prone to the churning out this nonsense too. It would be much more helpful if it were replaced by joke of the day. Honestly.

JIW said...

Yes, a 2 1/2 minute joke for the day would be much better, provided that the whole time has to be filled in telling just one joke.

fizzog said...

Thanks for this heads-up. I love PotD, now that I have found it via your site. Plaudits to you at