Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Children's laureate

The new Children's laureate is Anthony Browne. I love his Voices in the park and, of course, My Dad.

In other news, I managed yesterday to smash my favourite cereal bowl, one of the Kellogg's 'footbowls' they gave as free gifts during the Japan/Korea 2002 World Cup (which had some games on at our breakfast time because of the time difference, geddit?). I loved that bowl because somehow it was proportioned just right -- except it was no good for Weetabix (vita-bix?): for those you need a bowl with a broader more or less flat base otherwise the biscuit doesn't soak up the milk evenly and you get a soggy end and a dry end. Still, today S bought me a FC Barcelona cereal bowl to replace it. It made my day.

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