Friday, February 12, 2010

Desert islands

Which records would I take to a desert island? I thought I'd start the list just so I'm prepared when the BBC gets in touch. I've limited myself to one track per band. There's not much variety here, I'm afraid, but when I thought about it there really aren't any classical pieces, for example, that I really love.

1. William, it was really nothing -- The Smiths

I could have chosen lots of Smiths records. Cemetry (sic) Gates was close, and so was There is a light that never goes out but this is magnificent.

2. She bangs the drums -- The Stone Roses

Try not to dance in a baggy Mancy kind of way...

3. Teardrop -- Massive Attack

Liz Fraser on fabulous form.

4. If I can't change your mind -- Sugar

Bob Mould's cardigan is wonderful.

5. A love supreme -- John Coltrane.

Sara and I had this played when we got married. My friend Joel is so cool he didn't realise that it came from the Sound of Music.

6. Not too soon -- Throwing Muses

I was so in love with Tanya. This just beat Kristin being harrowing...

7. Here's where the story ends -- The Sundays

8. Rainy night in Soho -- The Pogues

And a close runner-up.

Love will tear us apart -- Joy Division

Mostly for Peter Hook's baseline. This was close too.

I could light fires with the free Bible you are cast adrift with and might read some Shakespeare if I got desperate but the third book I could take would have to be either the complete Plato or the complete Aristotle. A difficult choice but I think Aristotle would win.

My luxury? A loaded revolver.

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