Monday, March 29, 2010

Faster, stronger, boulder

The Faculty of Classics has been undergoing a makeover. The 'foyer' area has been enlarged and some new offices created on the ground and first floors. Perhaps more importantly, the library is now bigger and there is at last some free shelf space for all the new books we are going to buy. And we have some rolling shelves for squashing epigraphers. (For the general idea see here.)

And outside between Classics and Fames (Fames! I'm gonna live forever! etc.) there is a new paved area with 'landscaping'. This involves a big (well, waist height) boulder and a standing monolith thing. (See blurry pic below. Click on it for a bigger but still blurry pic.) There's another one off picture to the right.) Bit of a challenge for the local yoot/skateboarders et al. But probably not a bad spot on a sunny day to sit down (probably on the boulder and not the monolith) and contemplate things academic.

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