Monday, April 26, 2010


People who work on the Presocratics, on Socrates and the Socratics, or Diogenes Laertius (and surely that must include more or less everyone...) will want to look at this new site.  It collects the fragments and testimonies in DK and SSR in a very easy-to-use format, and is likely to be expanded with other meta-information as time passes.  I think that access is free, so it will be very useful for people who can't get at the TLG.  Perhaps more interesting for now is the presentation of the text of DL paragraph-by-paragraph first with side-by-side comparison of Long's OCT, Hicks' Loeb, and Marcovich's Teubner, and then with facing Italian translation.  The first of these will be quite useful also once we have Dorandi's edition to add to the mix.

Here, for example, is a printout of DL 9.1-2.  (Click to enlarge.)

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Monte said...

Thanks James. This is impressive and very useful.