Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Food in Budapest

We've all been (for the second time) to this cafe in Budapest.  It's really good and the portions are enormous.  I couldn't even face the dessert menu although the hardy souls that did could tuck into some enormous pancakes with very very sticky chocolate sauce.  I'm told that the dish advertised as 'Pike-Perch' (I think it's Zander) was very good.  I had Wiener Schnitzel today and (I kid you not) the veal was a good nine inches in diameterLast time I had the goulash.   Anyway, what's important is if you are in this neck of the woods you should go along.

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Lyam said...

That's incredible! I'm sure there must be a conspiracy to give out very small portions of food in the UK...

Why are you there?