Monday, November 01, 2010

The B Club

When I have more time, I plan to go through the minutes of the Cambridge B Club (a society that meets around 8 times a year to hear papers on topics in ancient philosophy) and create a digital archive of the--mostly hand-written--minute books.  Here is a taster: the entries for the very first meeting on 21 November 1931 and the first meeting after the war on 21 January 1946.  The Club will celebrate its 500th meeting in Cambridge in May 2011.

This is the inscription on the first page of the first minute book, presumably by H. C. Baldry, who was elected the first secretary of the club:


Dhananjay said...

"The nomination was seconded, Mr. Howland's δαίμων assented, & he was duly elected. Mr C.F. Angus was again elected Treasurer & Mr. J.E. Raven - the dissent of his δαίμων being overruled - resumed the duties of Secretary."

Do Raven's other entries betray the same wit? I can't wait for the rest to follow. We should have a celebration of some kind at the 500th meeting.

James Warren said...

I can't remember offhand but it will be easy to check. Our other thought is to put together a database of papers given to the club.

Yes, there will be a celebration of the 500th meeting. Details tba.