Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Movember has gone and I'm pretty glad that I can at last shave off the moustache.  Many thanks to everyone who donated some money -- our team managed to raised nearly £1800.

December is always extremely hectic; the term is soon to finish, but the last week is always full of meetings with my philosophy students and my tutees.  Then there is the MPhil examining, setting papers for the undergraduate examinations in the summer, and somehow trying to put the finishing touches to a paper on Laws 5.  (I've also got a bee in my bonnet about something around the notorious passage at Philebus 40a but other people seem to be writing papers on that dialogue faster than I can read them, so I'm getting a bit swamped because of the sheer volume of stuff to get through; I'm pretty sure I haven't been scooped, but I do need to keep on top of what's being said.)

And now I've got the dates for the girls' school carol concert, the infant Christmas show, and all the other festive guff.

Most important of all is the admissions interview season that kicks off on Monday.  I'll be interviewing for four different subjects (a good thing, I reckon, at least because it gives me a bit of perspective on my own philosophy candidates) and it's hard work; probably harder for the candidates, of course, but we all take this very seriously and there are big decisions to be made.

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