Thursday, February 14, 2013

Well, that's my job over

Harry Styles, of the haircut, has taken the advice of a philosophical friend and is teaching the world about philosophy. He's starting, as any good lecturer might, with Socrates.
So, colleagues, we are no longer needed. At the time I am writing, this piece of doxography has been retweeted more than 41000 times.  So, there we are, fellow academics.  We failed to reach out sufficiently to a wider world of people hungry for philosophical advice (since, of course, that really is what we are supposed to do) and now, inevitably, our role will be usurped by popstars and 'slebs. It's all our own fault, so there's no use moaning about it.

(Thanks to JB for alerting me to the end of my useful working life.)

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RJR said...

Alain de Botton has been taunting Harry Styles? What a total arse! Someone needs to sort out that man's self-esteem -- he needs simultaneously more and less of it. (Also, I'm thinking of starting a tumblr in which I collect instances of people getting in subtle digs at Alain de Botton. I came across a good one by Adam Thorpe the other day.)