Thursday, March 21, 2013

You could buy a lot of other things for £150

I'm very much looking forward to the publication of Dorandi's new edition of Diogenes Laertius in the CUP 'Orange' series.  It should be out some time in the next couple of months.  (I use DL quite a lot and right now I am working on something on part of DL book 9.)  But look at the price.  Look at it.  Yes: £150!  It's a hardback, for sure, and it will be sturdy and pleasant to use.  But £150!  One.  Hundred. And. Fifty. Pounds.  Crikey.

If you're quick, are doing a cracking deal on it.  You can save a whopping 5%, which comes out at £7.50.  Which you can then donate to help your local postman with the chiropractor bills brought on by lugging the thing to your door.


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