Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Studies in Ancient Moral and Political Philosophy

We take great pleasure in announcing the creation of a new series: Studies in Ancient Moral and Political Philosophy, to be published by Academia Verlag.

Besides the three co-editors, the advisory board includes: Gábor Betegh (Budapest, Cambridge), Marguerite Deslauriers (McGill, Montréal), Panos Dimas (Oslo), Susan Sauvé Meyer (U. of Pennsylvania), Pierre-Marie Morel (Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne), Jörn Müller (Würzburg), Ricardo Salles (UNAM, Mexico), Emidio Spinelli (La Sapienza, Roma), Teun Tieleman (Utrecht), Katja Vogt (Columbia, New York), James Warren (Cambridge).

The first volume - What is Up To Us. Studies on Agency and Responsibility in Ancient Philosophy (edited by P. Destrée, R. Salles and M. Zingano)-  offers 22 chapters on the notion “to eph’ hêmin” from Democritus to Proclus, with a posthumous paper by Michael Frede.

Table of Contents (pdf)

We hope to be able to publish one or two volumes a year. We are glad to receive any proposals for a monograph or collective volume; they may be sent to either editor of the series. Pierre Destrée (Louvain), Christoph Horn (Bonn) & Marco Zingano (São Paulo)

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