Friday, July 27, 2007

Too old and too boring

This made me laugh, probably because it struck a chord. I'm off to a conference in a couple of weeks and need some light cotton trousers. The conference is in Greece so it's going to be warm. I can't spend the week in shorts because I have pasty weird English legs and, besides, when you wear shorts what can you wear on your feet? Trainers make you look like a clown or a high-school student -- you might as well put on a baseball cap and complete the look. And I cannot bear to wearing sandals or (gulp) flip flops... My family has recently gone crazy for Crocs shoes but since I don't work most of the time in a hospital operating theatre and can't in any case pull off bright pink clogs, I've been the only one to give them a miss.

Anyway, as I think I've said before there is a black hole of male clothing between the student years and the Werther's Originals phase. Some people go straight for the tweeds and come over all Ede & Ravenscroft, but my accent wouldn't fit... So I found myself in M&S buying some nice but -- let's face it -- really boring trousers. The only answer is just to give in and resign myself to beige and shapeless things until I decide that what I really nice is a nice warm cardie...

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