Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some boring statistics

Facebook collects all the information its users decide to put in their profiles. I imagine this is commercially quite useful. But it also allows it to display tables like this one, which gives some results for the Cambridge UK network (you might have to click on it to see it large enough):

I reckon it's pretty depressing. Is it really true that the 'top books' among Cambridge network people are Harry Potter... and The Lord of the Rings. Good grief. And as for the top music choices, we really do come out as a load of boring MORers. What will we all be reading and listening to when we really are boring and middle aged? (I know: some of us are closer to that than others. But I wouldn't put U2 and Queen on my list...)


DEM said...

Wow, you're right: those lists are really depressing. I only agree on a couple of items: Pink Floyd, Scrubs, Pulp Fiction, and City of God. With regard to top interests, it's amazing that no one mentions the one which is key to most students at university. But perhaps it's politically incorrect to mention it.

George Charles Allen said...

Quite depressing indeed. For the sake of comparison, here's another "Top 10" list from another CU (Clark University) across the pond: