Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What is the logical form of this?

Thank goodness for YouTube. Here is my favourite bit from Derek Jarman's quirky film, Wittgenstein. What is the logical form of a V sign? Witters' reaction might be a bit extreme, but it's a good lesson in the complexity of meaningful forms of communication. And funny.


Paul said...

hello my name is paul, i live in france (excuse me for my poor english), i enjoy reading epicurus everyday and i try to know more about epicureanism everyday too. i was wondering if some of your books are available in french language? thank you.

JIW said...

Dear Paul

I'm afraid I haven't published anything in French except a chapter in A. Gigandet and P.-M. Morel eds. Lire Epicure et les epicuriens (PUF). There are lots of good chapters in there.