Thursday, October 09, 2008

Nifty gadget

This is an excellent add-on for your web-browser: the clever types at the Cambridge University Library have put together a toolbar for direct searching of all the catalogues and also some handy right-clicking action. Should save a few copy-pastes and keeping more windows open than I really need. Three cheers for them.

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RJR said...

This is quite exciting. Have you tried highlighting something and dragging it onto the little "scholar" button? Then some of the results have little Cambridge shields by them and you can click on those to do a search for eResources@cambridge. I just tried it with Claudius of Turin, because I am dealing with a manuscript of one of his unpublished commentaries, and it found me useful bibliography. Hurray! Admittedly I could have done it the old way, but it would have been slower and involved thinking, rather than clicking on little brightly-coloured things.