Thursday, June 24, 2010

Office 2010

So I have a shiny laptop to use for conferences and the like. And it has arrived with the new Office 2010 software. I hadn't spent much time with the 2007 version and the ribbon thing takes up an enormous amount of the screen (though you can hide it) but there are already a couple of small touches that seem to be a real improvement on the 2003 version I've used most on XP. Two examples for now, though these might seem standard to the Maccy types…

First, there is a cute button in Word that takes one click to attach the document you are working on to an email. That's handy; before you'd have to plug in a pdf printer-thing, print the file to pdf then find it and attach it to an email.

Second, Word comes with what I'm using now – a natty thing that lets you type a blogpost and then publish with a click, so you don't have to rely why you are typing on the WYSIWYG editor thing on the website. I quite like it.

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