Sunday, June 13, 2010

USA! USA! USA! etc.

(T-shirt available at When Saturday Comes.)  So we didn't beat Team USA!  (As R remarked as we watched the game: 'Why is there always someone called Brad?')  But then Spain lost to them when they played last year and there are quite a good team.  I'm more worried about us mucking up against Algeria and Slovenia.

Things to be cheerful about: Heskey did a good job; Lampard and Gerrard played well; Lennon and Wright-Phillips were good attacking wingers.  Rooney took a while to get going, and our centre-backs looks a bit dhort for pace when people ran behind them, but all in all we've seen worse.  France were poor in their first game, much poorer than England.  And only Argentina so far have looked very strong.  So let's cheer up.

And I did predict 1-1 in the college 1st round score-predictor-game, so silver linings and all that...

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