Thursday, September 16, 2010


It feels properly autumnal now and today was more or less the last day of the summer 'research period' I can call my own.  Tomorrow is a college Open Day, next week I have some interviews to do and then the Southern Association for Ancient Philosophy meeting.  After that, we are into the preterminal week.

Still, I've been plugging on with a paper on 'Comparing lives in Laws V' and making a bit of progress.  I'm going backwards now through the text trying to track discussions of self-control and akolasia for the next section.  Fortunately, we'll be reading book two in the Thursday seminar next term so I will have some time to mull over that section properly.  No doubt I will have some more questions about it, though, and they may find themselves posted here.

The new Cambridge diary is here and filling up...  So the madness is about to begin.  (Yes, I know it only lasts for nine weeks or so but it feels much longer, I promise...)

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