Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Lots of people paint views of Cambridge.  I like this one a lot, in part because it is not of the usual suspects.  And because I cycle along this street nearly every day.

Image (c) Monika Umba

It's by Monika Umba, and you can see some more of her work on her website here.  We're lucky to have some of her paintings at home: two decorative pieces and a lovely picture of the North Brink in Wisbech that I got as a birthday present.


RJR said...

I really like those. The one of the corner just a bit further up the hill is really good too.

I also like that the About Me page on her website is in rhyme.

Monika said...


It's Monika here!
It was very nice to read somehting about myslef.
I have now moved out from Cambridge and I am living in Wiltshire. this painting hasn't been sold yet and I it is a shame I need to drag it with me all around the country. If you still like it, please email me and we may discuss the price.

All the best


Picturetalk321 said...

I like this painting a lot and have added Monika Umba to my pinterest board of Cambridge artists. I'll look out for her at the next Open Studios. You're fortunate indeed to own some paintings by her! I'd love to hear more about your pictures (and see them, too).