Monday, February 14, 2011

CUFC a Community Trust Club

This is an important move from Cambridge Fans United.

Cambridge Fans United has launched a plan to turn Cambridge United into a community football club. Responding to the recent announcement by the club's Board that they were seeking partners to invest in the future and the invitation from Chairman, Paul Barry, to be part of that, CFU has published a brochure entitled "The Future of Cambridge United FC".

In it, the fans organisation sets out a vision of how the club could become run by a community trust, using the support and skills of supporters, local businesses and with the involvement of local authorities, with the goal of having a secure, sustainable and ultimately successful football club.

Vice-Chairman of CFU, Robert Osbourn, said "This is an opportunity to se if we can set up and run the club in a new and more sustainable way. You only have to look around in football to see many examples of where the traditional style of a board which invests big chunks of cash on a regular basis to prop up an unsustainable business model has led to crisis upon crisis."

"Other clubs which have restructured as trusts, such as Exeter, Wimbledon and Telford are being successful and as Paul said at the General Meeting, this week, they are the clubs which we should seek to emulate. We have already been talking to local business people about the potential and there is a lot of genuine interest."

"We shall be handing copies of the brochure to fans at the home match with Rushden on Saturday and seeking their support for the plan to see if we can make it a reality. Obviously, if there is someone out there with some money and who might want to share in the vision, then we shall be pleased to hear from them."

The brochure can be found at:

Also see the Supporters Direct site for more information.

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