Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hurray for CUP!

They are offering lots of interesting things in a print-on-demand series called the Cambridge Library Collection.  I've just got my copy of Diels' Doxographi for less than £40 (paperback)!  Bargain.  Lots of other things to buy too: Grote, Usener's Kleine Schriften, Madvig's De Finibus, Jowett's Plato...  All for not much more than it would cost to print out the pdf and get it bound in a reasonably sturdy way.


Victor said...

James -- aren't these titles all in the public domain? If they are, this is a very expensive paperback reprint series.

James Warren said...

True, I suppose. But less so if you're a CUP author (-30%) or a member of the university (-20%). And Dox is a bit of a whopper to print out and bind... (I still find it hard to 'flick through' a big pdf on the screen.)

Victor said...

I'm pretty sure there are a number of firms that do this, printed and bound as a paperback, for much cheaper. My abebook desiderata mailings regularly list a number of them, like Nabu press, available through Amazon. (They sell DG for $43.)

Our university does this even more cheaply, I believe, for $10-15 on an "Espresso" book machine.