Thursday, August 29, 2013

Routledge Companion

The Routledge Companion to Ancient Philosophy, edited by Frisbee Sheffield and me, now has a cover.  It should be published by the end of the year. 

More details on the Routledge website here.  The hardback price is a bit eye-watering, but I think there should eventually be a paperback version.

Here are the contents and the list of contributors:

Introduction James Warren  
Part I: Before Plato 1. The World of Early Greek philosophy John Palmer 2. The Early Ionian philosophersDaniel Graham 3. Parmenides, Zeno and Melissus Steve Makin 4. Anaxagoras and Empedocles in the shadow of Elea John Sisko 5. Leucippus and DemocritusPieter Sjoerd Hasper 6. Pythagoreans and the Derveni author Gábor Betegh 7. Sophists Noburu Notomi 8. Socrates: sources and interpretations Jenny Bryan 
 Part II: Plato 9. Reading Plato Alex Long 10. Plato on philosophical method: enquiry and definition Raphael Woolf 11. Plato’s Epistemology David Wolfsdorf 12. Plato: Moral psychology James Doyle 13. Plato on virtue and the good life Frisbee C. C. Sheffield 14. Plato: Philosopher-rulers Rachana Kamtekar 15. Plato’s metaphysics Allan Silverman 16. Plato’s Cosmology Andrew S. Mason 17. Plato’s Poetics Gabriel Richardson Lear  
Part III: Aristotle18. Reading Aristotle Michael Pakaluk 19. Aristotle: Logic Ermelinda Valentina Di Lascio 20. Understanding, knowledge, and inquiry in Aristotle Hendrik Lorenz 21. Aristotle: Psychology Giles Pearson 22. Aristotle’s philosophy of nature Andrea Falcon 23. First philosophy first: Aristotle and the practice of metaphysics Christopher Shields 24. Aristotle on the good life Dominic Scott 25. Aristotle on the political life Antony Hatzistavrou26. Aristotle’s aesthetics David K. O’Connor  
Part IV: Hellenistic Philosophy 27. Hellenistic philosophy: places, institutions, characterJames Warren 28. Cynics Eric Brown 29. Cyrenaics James Warren 30. The Stoic system: ethics and nature Thomas Bénatouïl 31. The Stoic system: logic and knowledge Katerina Ierodiakonou 32. Epicurus’ garden: physics and epistemology Tim O’Keefe 33. Epicurus’ garden: ethics and politics Pierre-Marie Morel 34. The Hellenistic AcademyKatja Vogt 35. Early Pyrrhonism: Pyrrho to Aenesidemus Luca Castagnoli 36. The Peripatetics after Aristotle Han Baltussen 37. Philosophy comes to Rome Tobias Reinhardt 
 Part V: Philosophy in the Empire and Beyond 38. Roman Stoics Ricardo Salles 39. Middle Platonism Mauro Bonazzi 40. Galen James Allen 41. Sextus Empiricus Svavar Svavarsson 42. Plotinus Christoph Horn 43. Porphyry and Iamblichus George Karamanolis 44. Syrianus, Proclus, and Damascius Jan Opsomer 45. Commentators on Aristotle James Wilberding 46. Ancient Philosophy in Christian Sources Mark Edwards47. The Arabic reception of Greek Philosophy Peter Adamson

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