Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lonely hearts

I got to bed too late last night, in part because I ended up watching the BBC 2 programme about current bands recreating the Beatle's Sergeant Pepper's... I would have given up sooner had I not spotted S's brother, a professional musician and principal horn for the RPO, tooting away on Bryan Adam's bash through the title track. Then there was the Magic Numbers' destruction of She's leaving home to endure before Razorlight (minus the really annoying one who insists on wearing white trousers and a t-shirt that looks like the V-neck has been stretched in the dryer) bashed through With a little help... (While I'm on the subject, what is the point of Razorlight? Second only to the awful Snow Patrol, they are my current pet hate. What are they talking about? Why has Johnny Borrell spent his life 'wochin' Ameri-cuh' and why does he think there's panic there? Pointless.

Anyway, is Pepper really such a great album that it deserves this kind of a mauling? Was there similar interest in the fact that last year was the fortieth anniversary of John Coltraine's A love supreme? I don't think so. (Actually, there was an anniversary concert by Ravi Coltraine and Branford Marsalis...)

What is interesting is that my two young kids seem to like the Beatles. A lot of Pepper is chummy sing-along stuff, now sufficiently familiar that it doesn't really sound like pop music at all, more a book of songs that had always been around. Perhaps that's a measure of its importance. Still, I prefer Revolver by some way.

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