Monday, June 11, 2007

Shopping tips

Things can be hard if you have a five year-old who is mad keen on palaeontology and wants to build up a serious collection of miniature prehistoric animals that she can lay out in evolutionary order. But S. recently discovered an excellent site here that will point you to the right places to get all the excellent Bullyland and Schleich models you need, including some fun unusual stuff like this Therizinosaurus. They are shipped from the US, so lots of toy-miles, but the exchange-rate is so good at the moment that you feel it's sort of wrong not to buy that Arsinotherium or Dunkleosteus you've always wanted.

While we are at it, RJR's concerns over comfortable shoes have reminded me that I saw some excellent Firetrap brogue-cum-trainers in one of the Saturday magazines a couple of weeks back. If anyone can tell me where to get hold of some in the Cambridge area I'd be very grateful. (Now, don't misunderstand me: most of the stuff in those magazines is clearly guff designed to make me think that I really should care about where I source my focaccia. And I don't feverishly head out each week to get hold over whatever Alexis Petridis is wearing in the little is-he-happy-or-is-he-sad picture. Here's one of him looking silly in sandals and socks. But these shoes looked fun. Certainly more fun than marking Latin translation papers, which is what I am mostly doing this week...)

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