Thursday, January 06, 2011

Some geeky things and some e-texts

I've been playing about with my new Kindle.  Some of the pdfs from places like are perfectly fine while others won't work.  I think the pdfs need to be 'flattened', but I don't have the full version of Adobe to do it.  Does that sound plausible?

In other news, does a natty tool to embed on web pages.  Here's a bit from Burnet's OCT of Plato (vol. 3 - one of the pdfs that my Kindle won't handle, incidentally):

Click to make it full screen and then browse away.

And here, for those coming to the Thursday seminar this term, is Mutschmann's Teubner of Sextus Empiricus PH II:

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RJR said...

Hello. I was intrigued by this because I've not had to flatten pdfs, but when I went to the Open library page for the Plato it seems to have a .mobi option already there So it may be that someone's done the work for you on that one, if you don't mind it's being a slightly different file on your computer from on your kindle. The problem is how much you trust the OCR, and whether anyone's going to have proof-read it. You might be better off with your own eyes rather than the eyes of some computer.

I use PDF X-Change to make, view, and change PDFs because it's not that expensive compared with full Adobe Acrobat and it lets me do lots of things like adding bookmarks which I can't do in Reader. It does have an option to Flatten the file, but I've not tried it.

Bravo for exploring kindle work possibilities -- I haven't got round to this yet myself.