Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do more with less

The Russell Group has put together a strong reaction to the proposed cuts in HE funding (estimated to be approx. 2.5bn). The Conservatives don't look as if they will do anything different and may well do more, since they are committed to cutting the national deficit more quickly. If there every was a party, it's now over.

Why HE? I imagine there are thought to be few votes in it. Cutting the NHS budget or pre 18 education is much more politically sensitive but since it is never entirely clear what anyone gets out of HE, certainly not in humanities or arts degrees, then this is a quiet way to save money. On the other hand, those same HE institutions are praised when it suits for innovation and research 'outputs' (mostly, I'm afraid, those valued for clear and obvious economic benefits).

There is a statement from Dr Wendy Piatt on the Grauniad website here. You can even download it and sit listening to it on the bus.

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